Best practices when preparing for a digital interview

October 17, 2019


How do you get a job when you can’t shake hands? While interviews online via HireVue, Google Hangouts, and other platforms are growing in popularity, making an impression may seem impossible. We’re giving you five best practices for digital interviews, so you can feel more comfortable and make a better impression.

1. Check your background. While conducting an interview, keep in mind what shows up in the background. Employers will form an impression about you before you’ve even opened your mouth.

Kevin Marasco, HireVue’s Chief Marketing Officer, “You want to make sure their attention is solely on you and your responses to their questions, not something that is going on behind you.”

2. Don’t dress casually. Just because you’re sitting at home for your interview doesn’t give you the excuse to wear a sweatshirt. You’re still trying to impress a potential employer. You obviously don’t sit around your house in a full suit, but you still want to look presentable. Here’s one caveat: if only the top half of you is visible on camera, shoes can be optional.

3. Test your connection. Whether you conduct your video interview over a computer, tablet, or smartphone, it’s important to make sure your connection isn’t spotty. Marasco suggests checking your connection before you begin so you don’t look unprofessional if the video comes in choppy.

4. Practice your answers. If you’re interviewing through HireVue or a similar service to record answers to interview questions, it may be strange talking to yourself. Focus on engaging the people who will watch your interview. Maintain “eye contact” with the camera. Marasco suggests: “If you’re new to the camera, use the practice question built into HireVue and you can practice on your own device.”

5. Check your lighting. Sometimes you may think there’s plenty of light in the room for your webcam, but the viewer may not be able to see your face properly. Marasco suggests a check of the lighting: “Run a couple test shots to ensure there are no dark spots on your face.”

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