The Power of Contract Work in Uncertain Economic Times

February 27, 2024


In times of economic uncertainty, businesses face the challenge of maintaining agility and adaptability to stay competitive. The landscape of work is evolving, and companies are increasingly turning to strategic hiring solutions to weather the storms of uncertainty. Talntly, a leader in talent acquisition and staffing, plays a pivotal role in reshaping the narrative of […]


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Revolutionize Your Hiring Process with Talntly’s Digital Interviews in 2024

January 25, 2024


In the fast-paced world of recruitment, staying ahead of the curve is key to securing top talent for your organization. Talntly is proud to introduce an innovative solution that promises to redefine the hiring experience – Digital Interviews. Let’s delve into why incorporating this cutting-edge tool can be a game-changer for your company. 1. Efficient […]


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Navigating the Holiday Season with Professionalism and Joy

November 28, 2023


As the festive season approaches, Talntly extends warm holiday wishes to our valued professionals and partners in the world of IT services. We explored the unique dynamics of celebrating the holidays in the professional and IT sectors. Let’s dive into the insightful ways our community can navigate the holiday season with a perfect blend of […]


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Navigating Q4: Strategic Staffing for Success

October 17, 2023


As the final quarter of the year unfolds, it brings with it a flurry of activities and opportunities for businesses to wrap up the year on a high note. For many organizations, Q4 represents the busiest and most critical time of the year. To ensure a smooth sail through these demanding months, strategic staffing becomes […]


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Four Benefits of Staffing Agencies in a Hiring Deficit for Specialized Roles

August 17, 2023


Navigating a hiring deficit for professional roles can be challenging, but partnering with staffing agencies offers several key advantages: Access to Specialized Expertise: Staffing agencies have extensive networks and expertise in identifying top-tier professionals across various industries. They can quickly source candidates with the specific skills and qualifications needed for your professional roles, reducing the […]


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What is a Digital Interview?

May 11, 2023


On-demand digital interviews refer to a type of interview process where job candidates are given a set of pre-determined questions and asked to record their responses through a digital platform. This format allows for greater flexibility and convenience for both the candidate and the hiring team, as the interviews can be completed at any time […]


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The 2023 Workplace and What it Means for Jobseekers

March 16, 2023


The 2023 Workplace According to Forbes, the rising labor market trend to keep an eye out for in 2023 is flexibility. After working remotely for years individuals were provided with additional work/life balance. Professionals are now seeking flexibility when it comes to the criteria they look for in their future employers. More executives are also […]


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How do interest rate hikes weigh on the job market?

September 14, 2022


When the Federal Reserve raises interest rates, as it has multiple times since the beginning of the year, borrowing becomes more expensive for everyone, including businesses relying on credit financing to expand. When the cost to carry debt soars, businesses may decide to reduce operating costs to afford the higher interest burden. Steeper interest rates […]


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Virtual Career Fairs: Successfully Find a Job (Without Leaving Your Couch!)

February 10, 2021


A career fair is an event where representatives from companies connect with jobseekers and prospective employees. People can speak with these recruiters to learn more about the companies they represent and their job openings. These opportunities were traditionally in-person events held in large spaces, such as event halls or stadiums, but now, more and more […]


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Increasing Diversity and Removing Unconscious Bias in the Hiring Process

July 6, 2020


Types of Diversity in the Workforce The term diversity applies to all the qualities that make people different, including personality traits, education, skills, values, attitudes, gender, race, age, cognitive differences, etc. People perceive and process information differently and, according to Stephen Covey, author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, “Strength lies in differences, not […]


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