5 Trends for Recruiting Top Talent

March 12, 2020


This is our guide to recruiting top talent! Do you want to recruit top talent? Look no further.

1. Persuasive Candidate Experiences

Early impressions are crucial to long-term retention. Today’s candidates want more than just a paycheck, and their experiences during the application and interview process can make or break their decision to stay with your company. Candidates are looking for an easy, straightforward application process, timely communication from recruiters and a career site that answers their questions and connects them with relevant opportunities. According to Deloitte, almost 90% of candidates say that a positive interview experience has the power to change their minds about a job. For recruiters, this means that designing engaging candidate experiences can give you a competitive edge when it comes to recruiting top talent.

2. Convenient Interview Techniques

Digital interviews are a trend in 2020 recruiting for a couple of different reasons. The first being, the convenience for candidates and companies. Unemployment is at an all-time low, which means the most talented candidates are already working. Digital interviews offer qualified candidates the flexibility of completing them outside of business hours. For companies, conducting interviews can take hours out of your weeks. With digital interviews, you can quickly scan through candidates in minutes.


3. Mobile Optimization

Expanding the mobile market has been a recruitment trend since the early 2000s. With candidates searching and applying for jobs while they are sitting in a café or on the train, employers will need to ensure their job ads and applications are accessible in multiple formats, for multiple devices. Reaching candidates with job ad tech has never been easier, and the next step in the process—getting those candidates to actually apply—will be a key focus for employers to stay competitive. Streamlining the application process, making use of apps, and texting with candidates will make it possible to engage applicants while they’re on the go.


4. Gig Recruitment

The nature of work is changing to allow people the flexibility to work remotely and to change jobs more often—not just once, but several times over the course of a career. So one recruitment trend that is not going away is the contingent workforce and with it, a tipping point that will require tailored practices in hiring for short-term work and knowing the legislation for contingent staff for your state.

Enticements for gig workers will likely not include hiring bonuses and severance packages, so HR teams will have to get creative in offering incentives to attract hires that may not be long-term investments. Further, you will have to adjust to the new norm by offering a seamless process for workers who may not show steadfast devotion to a company and design a system to acclimate an evolving staff efficiently.

5. Culture-First Hiring and Better Employer Brand

Three-quarters of job seekers will consider the reputation of your company as an employer before applying for a job. Known as your employer brand, this reputation includes your culture, perspectives, and values, and it has the power to attract or repel your most desirable candidates. But it’s not enough to create a desirable brand on paper. Your brand has to infuse the employee experience, and it should also align with the ethos of the company as a whole. As competition for top talent remains fierce, your ability to communicate culture and brand effectively can be a deciding factor for many candidates.

When hiring for culture fits, the best way to determine that is through a qualified assessing tool. This can give a company and candidate insight that would normally take months on the job to figure out. It gives companies a better understanding of a candidate’s personality and job performance potential. And for the candidate, it takes into consideration personality and aptitude and suggests careers the candidate would be best suited for.

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