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Who Is Talntly?

Resumes may look nice, but hiring the best talent requires innovation.
On demand digital interviews casts a wider net, breaking free from geographic limits and scheduling clashes.

  • Simplify your hiring process by receiving candidates directly to your email inbox.
  • Seamlessly watch and evaluate top performers with just a few clicks.
  • With Talntly, finding and rating your star candidates has never been easier.

Hire faster and more efficiently with Talntly’s best-in-class recruiters and technology

decrease in time to hire

increase in new hire diversity

satisfied customers


  • Talntly makes my recruiting life completely painless! Recruitment is vital to the success of my team but it’s the last thing I ever have time to complete. So grateful to have Talntly as a partner!

    Rachel D, Director of Human Resources

  • Working with Talntly has been the best decision for department and my company. They recruit top talent from anywhere and send them directly to my inbox. This partnership has played a huge role from in our overall success as a business.

    Amelia L, Director of Sales Development

  • In today’s market, finding strong candidates is more competitive than ever, which is why I rely so heavily on Talntly. They go above and beyond to find the perfect fit for all my positions.

    Marquez V, Senior Talent Acquisitions

  • Interviewing with Talntly was easy and convenient. Before I knew it, I had multiple job offers with different hiring managers. I would highly recommend working with Talntly for optimal career opportunities.

    Jackie K.

  • Talntly simplified the interviewing process. I was able to do it on-demand and did not have to take time off work to travel for an interview. They were responsive and helped me find my dream job.

    Dannie B.

  • Talntly was able to match my skills with job opportunities I did not even know were available. Because of them, I was able to further my career and get a role I truly love.

    Tia P.

  • Talntly’s Digital Interview

    One interview, hundreds of opportunities.

    • Interviewing with Talntly gets you in front of numerous hiring managers at once.
    • Save time by accessing multiple job prospects through a single interview platform.
    • Maximize your job search potential and find the perfect fit by interviewing with Talntly.

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