Career Match Assessment

April 7, 2020


Do you want to increase your salary by 30%? Talntly is now offering our free Career Fit Assessments to spotlight your strengths in new fields to help increase your overall earning potential.  These assessments measure personality and problem-solving traits and match candidates with positions they may have never considered.

Following the assessment, you automatically receive a report that provides clear, actionable guidelines to help you make career decisions and share with future hiring managers.

The measurable traits are as followed:

  • Personality – Personality traits describe how an individual relates to the world and affect how people naturally act or react in various situations. Commonly measured personality traits are extraversion, conscientiousness, openness to new situations, optimism, adaptability, stress tolerance, emotional stability, and initiative or proactivity.
  • Aptitude – Aptitude or cognitive tests measure a candidate’s problem-solving skills or intelligence. Cognitive skills affect people’s ability to learn new things and process complex or higher-level concepts. The goal of cognitive ability tests is to understand a person’s potential to solve job-related problems.
  • Skills – Skills are things that can be learned, and change over time, whereas personality and aptitude are innate qualities that endure over a period of years, growing (if at all) only slowly. Frequently measured skills are typing, leadership, communication, and time management.

Anyone can sign up! And your results are yours to keep and show future employers.

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