Digital Interviewing

Ditch the Resume. Find Top Talent.

Talntly digital interviewing platform

Why Digital Interviewing?

It’s time to evaluate candidates’ abilities and potential—not just bullet points on their resumes.


Talntly provides structured, non-bias interviews that can be taken anywhere, any time. By eliminating hours of resume sorting and phone screens, you can reduce time to hire by 90%.


Talntly is driving change in the staffing industry with its innovate digital interviewing platform. Here’s how we’re making a difference.

Talntly Digital Interviews

We’re a change agent

We’re eliminating barriers

We’re finding needles
in haystacks

We’re reaching a diverse
talent pool


  • Talntly makes my recruiting life completely painless! Recruitment is vital to the success of my team but it’s the last thing I ever have time to complete. So grateful to have Talntly as a partner!

    Rachel D, Director of Human Resources

  • Working with Talntly has been the best decision for department and my company. They recruit top talent from anywhere and send them directly to my inbox. This partnership has played a huge role from in our overall success as a business.

    Amelia L, Director of Sales Development

  • In today’s market, finding strong candidates is more competitive than ever, which is why I rely so heavily on Talntly. They go above and beyond to find the perfect fit for all my positions.

    Marquez V, Senior Talent Acquisitions

  • Interviewing with Talntly was easy and convenient. Before I knew it, I had multiple job offers with different hiring managers. I would highly recommend working with Talntly for optimal career opportunities.

    Jackie K.

  • Talntly simplified the interviewing process. I was able to do it on-demand and did not have to take time off work to travel for an interview. They were responsive and helped me find my dream job.

    Dannie B.

  • Talntly was able to match my skills with job opportunities I did not even know were available. Because of them, I was able to further my career and get a role I truly love.

    Tia P.