The 2023 Workplace and What it Means for Jobseekers

March 16, 2023


The 2023 Workplace

According to Forbes, the rising labor market trend to keep an eye out for in 2023 is flexibility. After working remotely for years individuals were provided with additional work/life balance. Professionals are now seeking flexibility when it comes to the criteria they look for in their future employers.

More executives are also taking a considerable look at the four-day workweek. The four-day work week includes working 40 hours within four days. This allows employees three full days off.

The idea behind the four-day workweek is the same goal of hybrid and remote work models. Employers want to keep their workers happy by offering more flexibility. Employees are more productive during working hours when they have extra free time.

The four-day workweek also opens the possibility for higher productivity, less distraction and absences, lower turnover, and an increase in morale. The four-day workweek has been so popular that many workers who are working this schedule claim they’ll never return to working five days unless offered a substantial pay increase.

Job Searching in the 2023 Labor Market

There is still a strong likelihood for employers to gain some power in 2023, despite the strength of the labor market. Because more top performers are entering the job market, it is remaining strong but competitive.

In 2023, professional brand optimization will be much more significant. Job seekers will need to be more tactical in their job search. It’s no longer sufficient to send the same resume to as many open positions as possible.

Job seekers might see a smaller number of open positions this year, and there might be more competition, but they can still find amazing opportunities by focusing on specific employers and utilizing their networks to their benefit. Networking tools like LinkedIn will have more activity as professionals start to grasp the value of being the thought leaders of their industries.

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